Entering inside, you will see a cozy and spacious café, divided into two separate rooms. Spending winter evenings here, you can relax and have dinner at a burning fireplace, immersing into a cozy, quiet and relaxing environment
Looking around, on the walls, you will see photos of the inter-war time period in Lithuania, which like frozen moments of history, remind us of those who lived here, worked or simply went through the country.
 In summer, we invite you to our outdoor patio. Here you can always take a break from the street’s noise, have a quiet dinner, or just drink a cup of coffee near the Razhe’s creek. Your children will not be bored here either. Specially built children’s playground will make your baby really happy.
 A broad menu will satisfy everyone's taste, because out of the presented variety of European and Lithuanian dishes will be able to choose even the most fastidious guests. Here, we offer a large assortment of salads, appetizers, soups, meat, fish, poultry, and sweet dishes.
We strive to create a cozy and warm atmosphere, provide impeccable service and the freshest food for our guests